Falkirk Sports Council has three sources of funds for distribution to their member clubs and individuals.

Membership Fees

  • Each member club pays an annual fee of £30-00 to affiliate to the Sports Council. In addition an individual member ( usually resident in the Falkirk Council Area but is a member of a club out with this area) pay an annual fee of £15-00.

Block Grant from Falkirk Council

  • Every year we apply to Falkirk Council for a block grant to distribute to our member clubs and individuals for training, competitions, overseas events, club development and coaching courses. The amount received is discretionary and depends on the amount of funds are available. We also receive a grant for running the Sports Council office.

Falkirk Schools Charity Board

  • In recent years we have applied and have received funds from the Falkirk Schools Charity Board which has enabled us to increase the amount of individual grants we can approve and also increase the number of grants made. Our priority has been to increase the number and quality of coaches participating in sport in the Falkirk Council Area.